Returning to choir September 2020

Hopefully you have had a chance to watch Leah’s message and hear the exciting news we shall soon be able to get back together.

To reiterate Leah’s words, our return will be different to what we have been used to, and requires some commitment from your good selves. As a committee we are as keen as you are to get back together, but our overarching aim has to be to do all we possibility can to keep us all safe. That’s where you come in!

Firstly, if you haven’t watched Leah’s message, please do so now.

Then, watch the ‘one voice’ film using the link below. It is 20 minutes long but well worth sitting down for. It clearly illustrates the current government position regarding choirs and keeping members safe.

Barbara Eifler, CEO of Making Music, talks to OneVoiceCampaign about what the new guidance means for choirs and…

Posted by OneVoice on Friday, 21 August 2020

Once you have digested the film, please read the risk assessment by clicking on the orange link below. We think we have covered everything but it is vitally important we do not only share this document with you but consult on its content. In other words, please let me know if there is anything we should add. Equally, if there is something you don’t understand, just get in touch.

RISK ASSESSMENT – UPDATED – V3 -20 September 2020

We understand some of the procedures in the risk assessment may cause you some anxiety. We are sorry but have no option but to comply with government guidelines and do all we can to keep everyone safe and, equally importantly, make you feel it’s safe to return to choir. If we fail to include a measure simply because some disapprove, it would make us liable which cannot happen!

Hopefully, having watched the film and read the risk assessment you can make an informed decision of when and how you would like to return to choir.

Please now spend a couple of minutes completing the survey. It was sent out by email if you weren’t able to access it by email please click the orange link below. It’s vitally important we know your intentions because anticipated numbers are a key piece of information we need to go forward.

Survey link for those who have not received it by email

In summary, it is vital that you all complete all four ‘return to choir’ tasks. If you have problems completing any of the steps involved, please get in touch so we can organise some help.

We realise some of you may not wish to return to choir at all. If this is the case, please go straight to the survey and select the relevant option. We will of course be sad to see anyone go and our doors will remain wide open should you decide to return in the future.

Finally, we are on a very tight timescale and the quicker we get your responses back, the quicker we can get together. So, please can you try and complete these tasks and return the completed survey (electronically) by next Wednesday morning (2nd September) the latest.

Thank you all for your time and continued support for our wonderful choir.

I look forward to taking the next steps in our journey with you .

Warmest wishes,

Jax (on behalf of Leah, Andy and all the committee)