Our Music

Our songs cover a wide spectrum – simple African chants to modern pop (eg Adele and James Bay). We sing in unison, and up to 5 part harmony, mostly accompanied by piano. Leah and Andy (her Dad) devise the arrangements to reflect the unique dynamics of the choir. Our aim is to do things well (not complicated or clever) and produce a sound to wow our audiences

How do we learn our parts? – Leah records each individual part using professional software. The recordings of Leah’s actual singing are accessed on our website by members so that the parts can be learned individually, rote fashion. These can be listened to as individual sections and/or all parts together. The score is available to all members although many make do with just the words on which they make their own notes. So at rehearsals the aim is to practice the parts to make sure all the notes are right (and in the right order!) and then put it all together. Once the notes are right, then the concentration is on dynamics, expression, mood, etc, etc – making a song truly unique to Unity in Sound.

Does it require commitment? – yes. But the beauty of this method of learning is it can be done anytime, anywhere – you can download the recordings to your phone or similar and playback in the car on the way to work, doing the ironing, any activity where your ears are available to listen and your voice free to sing out loud.

Do some learn quicker than others? – yes. In each section of the choir there are at least one or two strong singers so others can take the lead from them. Rest assured, if anyone is struggling to get it right they are never exposed or picked upon or made to look foolish.

Do we take our music seriously? – absolutely but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun – it should be and we’re all up for a laugh.

It’s not about just singing the black dots (that’s being an instrumentalist) it’s about turning the black dots into emotion, meaning, lifting spirits (that’s being a musician)

Current Repertoire

Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen

California Dreaming: The Mamas and Papas

Chasing Cars: Snow Patrol

Counting Stars: One Republic

Cups (When I’m Gone): From Pitch Perfect
Nanuma: African round.

Hold back the River: James Bay

Hello: Adele

I can see clearly now: Jimmy Cliff

Put a little love in your heart: Jackie DeShannon

Waterfalls: Prince, TLC

Rainy Days and Mondays: Carpenters

Living on a Prayer: Jon Bon Jovi

Son of a Preacher Man: Dusty